Welcome to the new home of CCTU.US on the internet. For the previous 7 years, we have been hosted by IPOWER, but because of an inordinately large rate change for yearly hosting, we have moved to WEBHOSTINGPAD.COM (a/k/a WHP), where we will be hosted for at least the next 5 years.

So what has happened? Not much that will affect you who are reading this page. Most of the changes are in the background (such as ftp and other settings) and generally should not affect the pages you are viewing on any of the domains we host.

We host the following domains on WHP...

What you are seeing right now!
Our oldest domain name, I've held it since 1992!
In existance since 1992, I've hosted this site on the internet since 2000.
One of the youngest of the domains I have, hosted since 2012.
The youngest of the domains, this site has only been on the internet since 2015.

Hopefully there are not too many 404 errors created in the migration process.

--Matt Baun, 10 April 2016